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Uber Goes to War with Apple

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Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick got himself in more hot water. This time it is with Apple Inc. CEO for Apple, Tim Cook and Let’s just say Mr. Kalanick got the spanking he deserves. Travis Kalanick has been caught breaking Apple’s Privacy rules and CEO Cook is highly upset at Uber’s tricks.

Apple CEO Threatens to Strip Uber App from App Store

In the recent days, Travis Kalanick was prompted to come into Tim Cooks office for a meeting. In this meeting, Cook gets right to the point and tells Kalanick to stop his tricks and bad business practices or else. Kalanick was caught ordering his developers to install hardware on every iPhone that the Uber app is installed on. This “backdoor” hardware would enable Uber to track peoples’ locations for up to 10 minutes after the person’s ride is completed.

Uber’s Dirty Deeds Catches up to Travis Kalanick

To add more flames to this fire, Kalanick also had his developers skip the hardware install on all Apple’s officials, such as Tim Cook’s iPhone. All this was quickly noticed by Apple programmers that work offsite. Tim Cook did not hesitate to call on Uber’s CEO to make it known that Apple will not allow these bad business practices to happen. If the Uber app was taken off the app store, this would be the end of Uber as a company.

Uber is well-known for “sour” practices, Travis developed a program called Greyball and this program would enable Uber drivers to identify government and city authorities and reroute Uber drivers away from them. It was part of a strategy to keep “undesirables” out of its cars, and it was used in numerous cities across the nation. Greyball was quickly halted and is no longer being used, today.

An Uber Spokesperson said this:

“I can’t share all the details about the signals we use or it gives fraudsters a heads up on circumventing those controls, but Apple’s policy does not prohibit device fingerprinting completely. It merely stipulates which identifiers can be collected from the device, which are used by our team in combination with non-device signals to detect fraudulent activity & suspicious logins.”

Uber Cleans Up its Act

Since the infamous meeting with Tim Cook, Travis has terminated any hardware programs that would go against Apple’s rules and policy.

How do you feel about being tracked by Uber?