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Breaking News: Usher’s Male Accuser Has Been Found?!?

Usher is currently involved in several lawsuits citing he gave three separate individuals an STD called Herpes. The famous singer and actor has been all over the news lately and so far, only one of his accusers have come forward. Supposedly, there are supposed to be three individuals with two of them being female and the third being born a male.

Is Usher Gay?

There has always been the rumors and conspiracy theories that Usher is gay and that he has reportedly co

ntrolled some new rappers below him (pun intended) by ways of sex. There is a long-driven theory that has been around for years and that theory suggests that the rap game is controlled by the Illuminati.

There are hundreds of articles, pictures, and videos that support AND deny this conspiracy theory. However, with these new allegations coming forward through the court systems and of course TMZ, it makes you wonder if the conspiracy theory is true.

Does Usher Have Herpes?

Well, let’s take a look at the cold hard facts. 1 out of every 5 people has some form of the Herpes virus. It’s near

impossible to not contract it sometime in your lifetime.  Unfortunately, there are no leaked medical records that can prove or disprove Usher having the virus. All we can speculate is that these accusers are coming forward with at least one so far that has made public appearances and why would they lie?

So, it is a cold hard fact that Usher, the famous and awesome singer does in fact have a 1 in 5 chance of having Herpes.

Who is the 3rd Accuser?!?

Sources have leaked some information to reporters about Usher’s 3rd accuser, which happens to be born a male.  Insiders has provided just a photo of what looks to be an African American transsexual and the photo appears to be some sort of mugshot. Nope! News has not been able to verify specific details regarding his identity, only stating that this person is a well-known escort/prostitute within the industry.

So, now we have an unknown transsexual possibly coming forward (to someone) that she is the “John Doe” that is being dubbed as the 3rd accuser in the court case against the rapper.

Although this is a tiny step forward to finding out who all 3 of the accusers are, this new person that has reportedly come forward leaves much to be questioned.

What do you guys think? Is this person for real or just more FAKE NEWS?