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Why Did Bill O’Reilly Get Fired?

Bill oreilly fired

This is the question that is on everyone’s mind. Did Ole’ Bill Oreilly get fired from Fox because the Elite was done with him? It’s widely known that Fox News is run by the Elites and ultimately, the Illuminati. Furthermore, the Elites are well versed in how to make all of us believe one thing is happening when something far more sinister is happening. After all, every conspiracy roots from a little bit of truth.

Did Bill O’Reilly Get Smacked by The Elite?

We all believe that Bill was fired from his news spot because of the sexual harassment lawsuits from several former female co-workers. Why not settle the lawsuits like the Hollywood stars normally do? In Bill’s case, it wasn’t going to be that easy. Days before he was terminated, rival news stations began to air a story about how over 50 big companies and brands were dropping their advertisements.

Bill O’Reilly Got Smacked

Fox News needs its advertisers, that is how they generate income. Also, keeping in mind that there is only one thing the Elite love and that is money. So, we suspect that Bill was fired not because of the harassment lawsuits but because he was losing Fox millions in revenue.


Resources state that Tucker Carlson will be filling Bill’s old spot……..Good Luck, Tuck!