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YouTube CEO Deciding to Ban Pewdiepie…Indefinitely?!?

Very popular Youtuber, Pewdiepie is under fire once again. Earlier Sunday, September 10, 2017, Pewdiepie slipped up and said the “N” word while live streaming. It was clearly heard from thousands of viewers and the news has gone viral from Texas to the UK.  Pewdiepie is well-known for controversy so as this does come as a shock, it’s really not a shock at all.


Here’s his recent racist screw-ups:

Courtesy: Albert_Fn_Wesker


YouTube May Decide to Indefinitely Ban Pewdiepie

Sources say, that YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki is “pissed” and will be calling an unscheduled board meeting to discuss the positives and negatives of giving Pewdiepie the boot, indefinitely! This means his channel and his years of content will be simply, erased! Rumor has it that Pewdiepie has gone into hiding and is refusing to talk to the media. His last tweet was over 10 hours ago!

Since the world renowned Pewdiepie dropped the “N” word hours ago, Every news station and blog is covering the story. Buzzfeed has had over 2,000 shares with their “Racist Pewdiepie” article. One thing is for sure, Pewdiepie is a very smart fella, maybe this is staged, maybe he meant to say that racist slur?? It would bring tons and tons of old AND new traffic to his channel, thus making him somewhat richer.

Time will tell on how long Pewdiepie will stay in hiding and not address his fans. YouTube CEO and board members will have a lot to decide in regards to Pewdiepie’s fate on YouTube. YouTube has not made any official statements but bear in mind, this is not his first controversy when it comes to pissing off the masses….then laughing to the bank!!!


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